Stability Test Chamber LSTC-102

Labocon now offers a range of Stability Test Chamber-100 Series, which create temperature & humidity extremes. Regulated with microcomputer fuzzy PID controller for temperature & humidity, makes running the Stability Test Chamber a breeze. Designed with laser processing technology & engineered to give you long lasting performance & reliable testing applications. Cold worked steel exterior & stainless steel interior with powerful insulating material, wide & bright LCD, multi-angle water discharge, circular airflow-air duct with forced convection, a single 45mm wide test cavity on the left & right side are few of its assets.

Its safety system includes PT100 Temperature sensor, capacitive Humidity sensor, temperature-rise alarm, protected Creepage distance, and auto-defrost, etc. We provide you with inbuilt alarm function for power failure, sensor & unclosed door. This equipment causes small carbon foot print with non-CFC refrigerant.

Capacity 151 Litres
Temp. Range -10 to 85°C
Temp. Accuracy ±0.1°C
Humidity Range 20-98% RH
Temp. Display Resolution 0.1°C
Water Supply Capacity Inside: 10 Litres; Outside: 25 litres
Insulating material Overall foaming of polyurethane
Refrigerant R134a
Inner Dimension 540x400x700 mm
Overall Dimension 665x733x1300 mm
Weight 114.5 kg
Power Supply 220V 50/60Hz
Catalog No. 5122117466

Stability Test Chamber is developed keeping pharmaceutical industry in mind, to provide evidence of the stability of active substances & pharmaceuticals. Used for the long term storage test of drugs/vaccine & food, water analysis, BOD test, microorganism culture study, etc.