Pre and Post Vacuum Class B Autoclave LPVA-201

Labocon Pre and Post Vacuum Class B Autoclave 200 Series has total conformity to the CE 1366 norms. This guarantees you the tranquillity that all the wrapped instruments (solid, hollow and porous) are sterilized correctly, in total safety for you. High performance steam generator and vacuum pump combination ensures that sterilization cycle takes place at maximum speed, whatever the volume of load is to be sterilized. For special loads, users can adjust the time by themselves to ensure complete sterilization which can be achieved in 12 minutes (including drying time).

Capacity 12 L
Sterilization Temperature 121°C, 134°C
Sterilization Time 4 min - 60 min
Working Pressure 0.21 - 0.23 MPa
Chamber Material Stainless Steel SUS 304
Tray 3
Water Tank 2 x 4.5L Internal Stainless Steel water tanks
Chamber Dimension (DiaxDepth) 200x360mm
Overall Dimension 660x445x390 mm
Power 2400 W
Power Supply 220 V, 60 Hz
Weight 59/70 kg
Catalog No. 9522106582

Labocon Pre and Post Vacuum Class B Autoclavesare widely used in university, research, healthcare, pharmaceutical, food/beverage markets, medical purposes, e.g. in general medical practices, dentistry, facilities for personal hygiene and beauty care and also veterinary practices.

• Pre and Post Vacuum Sterilizer

• 11 Preset Sterilization Cycles

• LCD display

• Dual core control system

• High density bacteria filter

• User-defined cycles and cleaning programs

• Maximum negative pressure of -0.80 bar

• Preheated chamber keeps the chamber warm and ready to use

• Drying time: 1-60 min

• Powerful steam generator and vacuum pump

• First class safety system with electrical lock

• Multi languages available: English, Italian, German, Chinese

• Separate and set up and service menu

• Password protection

• Printer: Thermal/Stylus

• Interface: RS232

• Safety features: Over heat control, over pressure control, safety door locking system, low water level indicator

• Vacuum Helix and Bowie & Dick Test passed

• ISO & CE 1366 Certified