Oil Bath Circulator LOBC-106

Labocon Oil Bath Circulators are ideal for industrial or laboratory applications with a wide variety of capacity and the circulating pump requirements. They are suitable for jacketed reactor. They also have the intelligent control system.

Capacity 50 Litres
Temp. Range RT to 300°C
Temp. Accuracy ±0.2°C
Pump Flow Rate 15 L/min
Display LED
Control Microprocessor Controller
Dimension 500×330×300 mm
Catalog No. 5282120603

• Simple user interface with two LED windows, one for measurement of the temperature and another one is for setting the temperature value with the touch keys

• Wide Temperature range i.e. RT - 300°C which can be fluctuated to ±0.2°C

• Optional water circulation cooling device which can be used to attain the rapid cooling while controlling the high temperature in the exothermic reaction