Freeze Dryer LFD-FT-301

Labocon offers Floor Standing Freeze Dryer LFD-FT-300 Series maximizes plant reliability and ease of use, reduces energy consumption, optimizes space requirements and minimizes maintenance requirements. The unit is a compact console with casters that make it easy to move.

Condenser Temperature -50°C (-80°C optional)
Ice Condenser capacity 6 kg/24 hours
No. of Shelves/Tray 3
Shelf/Tray Spacing 70 mm
Shelf Dimension(Width x Depth) 395×265mm
Overall Dimension 700x850x1400 mm
Weight 60 kg
Power 1100 W
Power Supply 380V 50HZ
Double Stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump
Pumping Speed 8L/sec
Rotating Speed 1400RPM
Final Vacuum Degree 10 Pa to 1Pa max.
Oil Capacity 3.5L
Dimension 624x238x414 mm

Floor Standing Freeze Dryer LFD-FT Series from Labocon is ideally used to freeze dry samples such as plant material, waste products, organic tissues, and polymers. This unit finds use in preservation of perishable material in their original state.

• Microprocessor programmable controller

• LCD colour display for programme setup/edit , to view/observation for drying curves with all parameters such as temperature, pressure and audio-visual alarms in real time manner

• Login facility on control panel; multilevel password protection to prevent unauthorised access

• 32 groups run-programme can be stored, each run programme can set up to 36 segments further

• Alarms & alerts:

A. Ambient temperature too high

B. Vacuum degree abnormal

C. Condenser temperature too high

D. Shelf temperature too high

E. Pre-freeze step completion and freeze drying process completion

• Fully Internal and external construction starting from internal chamber, external chamber, condenser and coils are made from SS304 grade Stainless Steel which are fully corrosion resistant

• With USB port for data transfer

• Pre Freezing and freeze drying process are available on shelf itself

• Silicon oil heating for high throughput process optimization

• Clear glass windows enables clear visual monitoring for entire processes

• Defrosting: Standard Off cycle type

• With Nitrogen inflation valve

• Tray no.:3+1, spacing 70mm: (3 Trays dedicated for loading products, & top 1 shelf for temperature compensation)

• Tray size: 395×265mm

• CFC and HCFC FREE Refrigeration Compressor Type of 1/3 hp capacity

• Hermetically-sealed cascade cooling system-Teflon coated

• Noise level: less than 50dB

• Vacuum Controller

• Eutectic point test

• Anti-oil return valve for Vacuum pump

• Exhaust filter for pump

• Air inlet filter for pump

• Software to process and control freeze drying process in external PC

• 8/12 Manifold Adaptor for Flask (Flask capacity: 100ml,250ml,500ml,1.0L,2.0L)

• Chemical Hybrid Resistant Vacuum Pump with various Vacuum capacities