Freeze Dryer LFD-BT-103

Benchtop Freeze Dryer LFD-BT-100 Series from Labocon offers fast drying speeds, lowest temperature, easy maintenance, free operations and a wide range of chambers. Our product is environmental friendly, economical and efficient in use.

Type Manifold
Capacity/Per Tray 1.2 Litres
Condenser Temperature < -55°C (-80°C optional)
Water Removal Capacity/Water Holding Capacity 3L/4L per 24 hrs
Total no. of Shelves/Trays 4
Freeze Drying Surface Area 0.12 m2
Pre-Freeze Shelf Dimension ɸ 200 mm
Vacuum Degree 0.1 Pa
Pump Flow Rate 2 Litres/sec
Vial ɸ 22 260
Vial ɸ 16 480
Vial ɸ 12 920
No. of Sealed Valves -
Overall Dimension 565x420x(360+430) mm
Weight 75 kg
Power 970 W
Power Supply 110-220V, 50/60Hz
Catalog No. 9424146427

Benchtop Freeze Dryer LFD-BT-100 Series from Labocon is ideally used to freeze dry samples such as plant material, waste products, organic tissues, and polymers. This unit finds use in preservation of perishable material in their original state.

• Features vacuum freeze drying technology.

• Drying curves are displayed on LCD screen.

• Low noise compressor with a long shelf life.

• Condenser, control panel, shelves and trays are made of stainless steel with Teflon coating to protect from all kind of corrosion.

• Tray spacing can be customized.

• The drying chamber is equipped with organic glass for safety and visibility.

• Condenser features pre-freezing function.

• Eco-friendly CFC free/HCFC free refrigeration system.

• Features nitrogen valve and eutectic test device (optional).

• For Freeze Dryer:

• Drying Chamber: Acrylic (Standard) / SS304 Stainless Steel (Optional) with or without 8 port manifold for Flask

• SS Type Manifold with 24 addition point for 24 ampoules

• RS-232/RS-485 Port along with /without compatible software

• Audio/Visual Alarms for power failure, voltage fluctuation, collector temperature reaches above/beyond threshold point, moisture detector/sensor in collector

• Drainage Valve with or without HEPA (99.9% 0.3μ Efficiency) for disposal of stored water and other solvents

• Eutectic point/ Sample temperature sensor Probes

• Electric/Hot Air Gas Defrosting

• Ampoules: 2ml/5ml as per required number of pieces

• For Vacuum Pump:

• Standard (Comes by default with all our Freeze dryer systems (Vacuum less than 1 Pa with Flow rate from 120L/min to 300 L/min.)

Hybrid Chemical Resistant (Optional) which is very resistant to harsh chemicals, less corrosion

(Vacuum range up to 0.005 mbar with Flow rate from 120L/min to 300 L/min).

• Vacuum sensor

• Vacuum break Valve

• Vacuum Oil: Available in 1 L & 5L Pack.

• Freezedryer and Vacuum Pump Stand

• Exhaust Filter ,Vacuum Controller with set Points with alarms