Drying Oven LFDO-203

Labocon Drying Oven LFDO-200 Series delivers temperature uniformity regulated by microcomputer intelligent control. The PID program delivers fast ramping rate, temperature homogeneity and stability during operation.

Capacity 81 L
Temp. Range RT +10°C to 250°C
Temp. Display Accuracy 1°C
Temp. Control Accuracy ± 1°C
Temp. Control Evenness ± 1.5°C
Heater Chromel Alloy Heater
Convection Method Forced Convection
Exhaust Hole Two at the top
Sensor Pt100 Three-Core High Precision Sensor
Shelves 2
Inner Dimension 450x450x400 mm
Overall Dimension 595x580x837 mm
Power 1600 W
Power Supply AC 220V 50/60 Hz
Weight 65 kg
Catalog No. 9221168472

Labocon Drying Oven is suitable for drying, melting and sterilization in industrial and mining fields, laboratories and scientific research institutes.

• Inner bag applies SUS304 stainless plate.

• Outside body is made up of high quality cold rolling plate and is sprayed with Dupont powder.

• Circular airflow design concept and forced convection simulated air circulation principle for high even and stable inner bag temperature.

• Temperature safety device can be adjusted accordingly to increase the safety co-efficient.

• Three-core high precision sensor is applied to inspect the internal temperature correctly.

• The fan stops instantly when the door is open, in order to prevent sudden drop.

• Advanced heat insulating technology and insulating material are applied to keep the temperature inside the incubator unchanged.

• Advanced PID control, menu operating interface, intelligent programmed control system, intelligent alarm system and high brightness LCD.

• Unique air duct structure and perfect configurations can guarantee evenness, fluctuation, velocity of temperature and fully circulate the air inside the oven.

• Imported electric motor with low noise and small amplitude, resistant to high temperature and humidity.

• Partition can be adjusted according to demand.

• Imported creepage protector and over temperature protector.