Advance Freeze Dryer LAFD-302

Labocon offers Advance Freeze Dryer LAFD-300 Series maximizes plant reliability and ease of use, reduces energy consumption, optimizes space requirements and minimizes maintenance requirements. The unit is a compact console with casters that make it easy to move.

Type Acrylic Drying Chamber with 3 shelves+D-Type Manifold
Cold Trap Temp (-120°C)
Capacity(total) 3-4.5L
Dimension 500x646x976 mm
Trap Size Φ 315x180 mm
Controller Auto/Manual start-up controller, Display cold trap, Temperature & vacuum pressure(2000mTorr ~ 0mTorr), printer set
Pump Protection System Automatic vacuum pump start & Stop controller system
Defrost Automatic Defrost / Hot Gas by Pass
Power Supply 220V/1Ph(50/60Hz)
Weight 180 kg

Advance Freeze Dryer LAFD-300 Series from Labocon is ideally used to freeze dry samples such as plant material, waste products, organic tissues, and polymers. This unit finds use in preservation of perishable material in their original state.

• Lyophilisation temperature -120℃;

•Condenser capacity 3-4.5 kg/24hrs

•Specifically customised Air cooled-Two stage auto cascade system 1.5HP Hermetic compressor

•Refrigerant Non-CFC /Non-HCFC

•Precise result with advance Microprocessor Controller with wide LED display

•Best suitable for Aqueous & Organic Solvents such as: Methanol, Ethanol, IOSOctane, Isobutyl alcohol, Hexane, Toluene, and Acetone etc.

•Ice condenser chamber with internal condenser coils, cold trap - all made from Teflon coated high-grade stainless steel to avoid any kind of corrosion along with drainage at the bottom 

•Ice Condenser chamber is without any Gasket or sealing to avoid any kind of leakage

•Robust and powerful Vacuum pump with Capacity of 200L/Per Minute, Vacuum pressure - 2000mmtorr to 0mmtorr Rotational Speed of 2800 RPM

•Power Consumption: Less than 500W

•Power AC 220V, 50hz, 1Phase, 5KW

•Dimension: 500X646X976 mm

•One touch auto and manual operation

•Transparent acrylic Drying chamber for easy monitoring the operation

•Organic solvent up to 30L can be prefreeze without need of buying additional Cryo-freezer

•Automatic Defrost / Hot Gas by Pass

•Microprocessor controlled LED digital display Temperature and vacuum degree

•LED Digital displays 0.1 degree C increment & Vacuum display 2000mtorr - 0mtorr

•Auto / Manual Vacuum pump start/stop function , Pump protection system from moisture / oil & air anti suck-back protection

•Optional Printer to record freeze drying progress as temperature, vacuum degree, time

•Control circuit consists of power failure protection circuit, interlock and sequence circuit to prevent equipment damage due to mishandling

• 3" rotatable urethane caster allows easy mobility

•Drying chamber with 3 shelves (or mini tray)

•D-type manifold(Optional: 6P, 8P, 10P, 12P)

•T-type manifold (Optional:8P, 10P, 12P, 24P)

•Vacuum pump Capacity : 200LPM

•Vacuum valve + Cap + Adaptor set

•Flasks: 150ml, 300ml, 60ml, 1000ml

•Chemical trap

•Oil mist trap

• Stoppering system

•Sublimation Electric heater

•Sealing torch, Vacuum grease

•RS-232 communication Interface to save and transfer the data

•Vacuum Concentrator