-86°C ULT Freezer Upright LUF-86-204

Labocon -86°C Ultra Low Temperature Freezer Upright LUF-86-200 Series ensures safe long-term storage of samples at -86°C with 1°C temperature precision. It offers reliable operation with capacities ranging from 120L to 710 L, user-friendly microprocessor controller with digital display.
Capacity 480 L
Temp. Range -60°C to -86°C
Defrosting Manual
Load Per Shelf -
Shelf Dimension (WxD) -
Inner Dimension 910x890x1990 mm
Overall Dimension 1070x1070x2250 mm
Drawers/Shelves 2 shelves
Power -
Power Supply 220V, 50Hz
Weight (Net/Gross) 310/340 kg
Catalog No. 9428117181
Labocon -86°CUltra Low Temperature Freezer Upright LUF-86-200 Series is widely used in hospitals, clinics, blood banks and research institutes for incubation or preservation of plasma, tissue cultures, microbial cultures etc.

• Sheet steel epoxy coated white colour inside and outside

• High density polyurethane insulation

• Insulation thickness: 130 mm

• Hinged door fully insulated externally, while internally it has non-conductive material. The double gasket system is provided with a special heating system to prevent the freezing. The vacuum-release valve ensures that the door can be immediately re-opened on closing. In the right part of the door is mounted the effort-free locking mechanism which incorporate the safety key lock

• Inner doors prevent air-cold loss at the external door opening and they are also provided with a locking mechanism with a lever

• 2 easily adjustable open wire shelves made of sheet steel with a strong plastic coating

• Control panel: Microprocessor operating with soft-touchpads and 3.5” colour display LCD display. The main functions of the control panel are :

  1. Digital temperature adjusting and displaying with an accuracy of 0.5°C
  2. Warning lamp signaling when the cooling unit is ON
  3. Keyboard block with password protection
  4. Real-time graphical temperature chart
  5. Data-logging function through USB port with direct download of Excel file
  6. GSM/GPRS telephone dialer

• Cooling unit: Condenser compounded by 2 hermetic compressor and an air cooled condenser

• Refrigeration: Static with evaporating pipes

• Refrigerant: CFC & HCFC-free

• Plug : Schuko type

• Noise level (dB(A)) : ≤ 52

• Safety functions: Visual and acoustic alarm for high or low temperature, door ajar, power failure, dirty condenser that limit the cooling unit performances, discharged battery with the possibility to display the charging status, temporally muting of the acoustic alarms with automatic re-activation in case the alarm conditions continues

• Storage rack for boxes

• Box for storage rack

• CO2 back-up system

• Temperature chart recorder

• Different voltage

• shelves