-25°C Freezer Chest LCFA-25-303

Labocon -25°C Chest type Freezer LCFA-25-300 Series is designed to provide dependable, versatile and energy efficient performance. These freezers are primarily used for storage purposes. A microprocessor system ensures safe product storage as well as accurate temperature control and regulation.

Capacity 350 L
Temp. Range -10°C to -25°C
Defrosting Manual
Overall Dimension 1370x810x920 mm
Power Supply 220V, 50Hz
Weight (Net/Gross) 110/125 kg
Catalog No. 9428212181

Labocon -25°C Chest type Freezer LCFA-25-300 Series is suitable for storage of number of samples like plasma and test samples to biologicals, storage of life-saving and frozen blood supplies and vaccines, enzymes for genetic research, temperature sensitive materials, reagents and other media.

• Sheet steel epoxy coated white colour outside and atoxic plastic material inside

• Internal corners are rounded for easy cleaning

• High density polyurethane insulation

• Insulation thickness: 75 mm

• 2 casters for easy handling

• Hinged, fully insulated lid made of sheet steel white epoxy coated outside and atoxic plastic material inside. The lid is fitted up with counterbalanced hinges, perimetric magnetic rubber gasket and security key locking

• Open wire baskets made in sheet steel white enameled

• Internal lighting : 1 bulb mounted in the internal side of the lid, with automatic activation at every lid opening through a special switch

• Defrosting : Manual

• Refrigerant : CFC- and HCFC-free

• Refrigeration: Static with evaporating pipes

• Control panel withsoft touch pads

• LED display and settings buttons

• Cooling unit: Condenser compounded by a hermetic compressor and a condenser with evaporating pipes

• Safety functions:

  1. Alarm: For both high temperature and lid open. The alarm signaling is visual (with a red colour LED) and acoustic (through a buzzer) for high temperature while acoustic only for lid open
  2. Super freezing switch: Increasing the freezing capabilities in case of new material to be frozen

• Temperature Chart Recorder